Jump rope



this is an great exercise for many reasons, mine is i cannot run on concrete anymore, i get tendonitis on my knees, so i needed something high cardio/low impact.
id like to know if any of you guys jump rope, what kind of routine do you use?
do you go all out until you have to stop?
do you time yourself, take a break, time yourself again { boxers do this }
light or heavy handles? i use 3 pound handles, makes my forearms burn
i swear buy it, when i need to lose weight quick, i jump rope like a mad man, when i did a constant routine ,i found that i have twice as much gas when i spar.

Yes, most agree that jump rope is great. But you shouldn't stop running without consulting a running doctor, not the normal HMO schmoe. You should never be running on concrete to begin with, that is a running no-no. Your worst choice should be asphalt and then tracks, dirt trails, sand, etc. Plus, evaluate your choice of footwear and inserts.

Before warming up for muay thai, I skip about 5 3-min rounds alternating techniques. At the end of the workout, I will skip 2 cool down rounds. I go off the boxing timer. A lot of Thai fighters will skip rope for only 1 round, but the round is 45 min long.
I was reading my issues of Bodyguard mag(great mag by the way). There was a nice training article in there about jumping rope.

Go to a track or where ever you can run. Run for 10 min then stop and do 500 jumps with your jump rope, once you finish run for another 10 min. stop then do 400 jumps. Work your way down 300,200,100 jumps, after the set with 100 jumps start running again for 15 min then do 500 jumps again................ It is a ass kicker.

I hate to run, the first time I did it I had to wait about 45 min. to get in my car to go home. As you build your wind you can increase if you like. I have been riding the bike instead of running. I ride for 20 min then do the jumps.

Give it a try. Your legs will be like jelly and gives them an incrediable pump.

Good Luck
Got this from strength coach Mike Mahler:

The HOC-Jump Rope Cocktail

The HOC-Jump rope cocktail is a great combination for combat athletes or really any athlete for that matter. In addition, studies show that jump roping is much easier on the knees than jogging and much more effective for building up cardio and muscular endurance. Also, jump roping can be done just about anywhere making it more time friendly that going to a track field. Here is the program:

Jump rope for one minute
Ten one arm dumbbell swings with each arm
Jump rope for one minute
Ten one arm dumbbells snatches with each arm
Jump rope for one minute
Ten one arm dumbbell clean and jerks with each arm
As a beginner, start off with five to ten rounds of each. One round is one set of jump roping and one set of a ballistic dumbbell exercise. Once you can do ten rounds, increase the jump roping periods to two minutes. For more information on some really cool jump rope programs, check out jump rope master Buddy Lee's website at www.jumpropeinstitute.com.

Enjoy the pain!!!!!!!
heres what i do. it will kill you, give it a shot and see.

Jump rope as fast as you can for 2 minute rounds, essentially a jump rope sprint, and when your shoulders cant take it, do squat jumps until you can rope again. If you do this for like 6 rounds with a decent plastic rope you will die, providing you jump rope fast instead of like a bitch
best jump rope exercise of all time:

use a 3.5 lb jump rope for one 3 minute round

wait the one minute round break

use a regular speed rope for one 3 minute round

wait the one minute round break

repeat until you've done 3 each...
When it comes to jump rope, it is nothing fancy, go for 10 minutes as fast as u can and that should take care of your cardio, provided that you are still standing, it doesn't sound like much but 10 minutes as fast as you absolutely can go will kill you. You can do skips in between jumps, criss cross, high knees, high knees criss cross, running in place while jumping.
Check your feet wihlie skipping or use shoes, you wouldnt want to get shin splints.
jump rope is the best best workout because its fun and you can do tricks i prefer to do it in the ring (im a boxer) cause you can hear wen it hits
If you have never trained on a jump rope you are going to need to do some skill training first. The body doesn't learn well when you're tired so you will want to keep fresh. You wouldn't get much of a workout tripping over your rope anyway. Ross suggests to start with 20 second rounds, and build up from there until you can do an actual conditioning workout with the rope.
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PS. I do enjoy jumping rope, even though it frustrates me to no end when I hit my feet 3 or 4 times in a row. I'm a calm person, but this just makes me rage.
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Anybody have any good routines they'd like to share?
i've been jumping rope for 20 years now - not non stop of course, because that would be silly.

i can go for 20 minutes or an hour non stop. you have to make it interesting - if you do the same skipping technique for 20 minutes it gets boring - alternate different jumps, jumping off singles, 2,3,4 or 10 times before switching other foot, try slow skip with high knees or fast skip with high knees.