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judo tournament


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Nov 11, 2003
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It's been a while since I made a thread but ironically like a year ago, this is about a judo tourney coming up.

I got a tournament on Dec 3rd and I currently weight about 67.8 kgs. I am a orange belt, therefore I will fight with orange, greens, and blues. I've been trying to gain weight for a while but now I question if I should cut to 66kg or just keep lifting weights, doing judo, and eat!

If I stick with my weight I will be in the 67-73 Kg division. If I drop I will be in 66kg-60kg division.

Fight at the weight you feel most comfortable at.
just remeber the slight differenceas that go with each weight category, the lighter guys will be faster while the heavier guys will have more strength and power to deal with, try to figure out where your strengths are athletically and go from there. You have a little time so don't worry too much about it now
remember that if you fight in a local tourney, it's just as likely that they will not follow the olympic weight classes, but rather bunch up whoever shows. especially if you are a beginner, just work on your technique and don't bother messing around with your weight.

but if you do know that there are set weight classes, then you are close to the 66. and there will be there who drop weight too, so give it a shot. you only have to lose 3-4 lbs, which is a cup of water, morning snack, and a poop.