ju8do or sambo


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May 4, 2005
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im looking for somthing to take to get my bjj better im thinking judo or sambo which is better.
i would do wrestling but im out of school and cant join any wrestling team
I would say Judo. I think the throws would compliment your BJJ.
sambo and bjj is a deadly combination..... both will make you trice the threat...
Sambo and Judo are the same thing with a few small differences.

It really depends on which school has better instruction and people to train with. Look at the club's accomplishments in competitions, the credability of the instructor, and how the class is structured.
It depends what you want to focus on. Judo has chokes, but no leg submissions. Sambo has leg locks, but no chokes. They are both good takedown arts.

Judo typically focuses more on throws than Sambo. Some judo clubs & many old schoolers frown on using wrestling takedowns. What I've seen of Sambo, it uses a lot of wrestling style takedowns.
sambo is more wrestling based than judo and it has great leglocks. For bjj good sambo is a much better fit than good judo.

It does have chokes but they are not allowed in competition. Every class i have been in someone has tried to choke me.

You will learn the infamous leg locks not to mention different ways of doing things that you already know, take downs into arm bars etc.

Sambo is definately more a combo of wrestling and judo than just judo with leg locks IMHO.
I Suggest Judo, cause Judoka are much more then Samboka and the level of competition is higher in Judo, cause It's also an Olympic Sport.
You could train with higher level athletes and improve yourself.

In Italy this is the situation

Judo = a lot of atlets and clubs, Higher level competitions.

Sambo= only a few club , no real competitions (tournament are only a few)

Even in Russia Judo is more practiced then Sambo and almost all Samboka cross train in Judo.

I'm not saying Judo is better, but be a champion in judo is much more difficult then in Sambo ( Look at Fedor, only 3rd in Judo National and then after he start to practice Combat Sambo he won the World Championship in that style.)
Sambo. A lot of judo techniques as well as wrestling techniuques are taught in Sambo but more there is more of a focus on subs and fast ground work than you'll find at most judo schools.
Sambo..its got wrestling and Judo takedowns, only thing is you have to wear the shoes!
id say Judo..make sure you get in with a good school that digs competition..sometimes you will get in with a bunch of mcdojo :eek::eek::eek:s that just want to do kata..STAY AWAY from that. Sambo is cool too, but Judo will make your stand up (with gi) way better
blanko said:
sambo is more wrestling based than judo and it has great leglocks. For bjj good sambo is a much better fit than good judo.

Now that's just not true. Modern Sambo was created by two men, one was a wrestler and the other was a blackbelt in Judo under The Kodokan. So I would say it's about 50\50. Also most of the upper body clinch takedowns are Judo... not wrestling. IMHO Judo is superior soley on the fact that there is way better competition.