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Apr 27, 2005
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how long does it usually take to move from white belt to blue??? also whats an effective guard pass?? everytime i sparr with higher belts their guards are really strong and i have problems passing the guard, which leads to me getting subbed or gased real easy.....PLEASE HELP

i know i could easily just ask my teachers but i just feel like a chump cuz im the smallest and youngest one besides the girls in the class. thanks
It'll take you a long time for the blue belt...around 2 years or so.

Guard passes are all over the place, check lockflow.com or bjj.org
That is one of the most vuage questions ever. Closed guard? Spyder guard? Rubber guard? Open guard?

Depends on how much class you take, and how fast you learn usually around 1 to 2 years.
Just ask your instructor to show you some guard passes,"the only stupid question is the one never asked", a quote from some guy i forgot who.
to pass the guard, first you have to learn how to "posture".

your passess will start from there.

2nd thing is to protect your hands, to have them in safe spots.

3rd is to follow their hips, you want their hip square with yours.

there are so many techniques to use, but you got to master these 3 skills.
I am new to BJJ as well, and when rolling with guys with strong legs, I get caught in the guard as well. Something that works well for me, to at least try something, is to scoot my knees up as close to their butt as possible. Square up to them, and sit straight up. I then put my elbow into the side of thier knee, press down, and try to move my knee in to their crotch so I can push the legs open.

Another one I use, which is dangerous, is to take both the legs, and try to push it over my head, and then push their legs to the side. This usually works on people who are weaker than me, but I have been armbarred and triangled doing this. I don't reccomend it.
Don't concern yourself to much with the belt thing man. Just go to class and learn as much as you can. Getting your blue varies widely on a number of different variables. You just need to show up as often as you can, work hard, and learn and progress as much as possible. If I had to estimate it, it could be anywhere between 9months - 2 years.

As for passing the guard, there are a number of good techniques at the following websites:

You need to go ahead and ask, man. Whatever you learn here is gonna pale in comparison to your live training.

If you can't ask soe questions in class, don't worry about seeing your blue belt.