Jet Board Shorts back in stock

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Jan 30, 2005
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We finally got our Jets in stock (OE will be in shortly)

Thank you to everyone for helping us sell out. We are expecting a HUGE shipment in the beginning of 2006 (which will include a new type). Sorry for the delay.
Sweet, thanks for the update. Just in time for christmass :D
Sweet. Can't wait for my gear to get to me :)
Will Nogi Industries be catering to the bigger guys in the future?
Jeremiah, if you are talking Hoodies, for 6 bucks more they can get you a bigger size, I have my XXXL sub zero hoodie on the way. I inquired from Chris about shorts for us bigger guys and he said he would look into it. If I find out anymore I will let you know.
Sweet! Thanks Phenom, I didnt see XXXL Hoodies on their site, do I have to email and special order?
Yup. Have you guys tried the 40's? Our shorts run pretty loose and I would think if you normally wear a 42 or something you could get away with it.
Yeah I would to be on the safe side. I inquired by E-Mail/PM then placed the actual order through the website with the comment that it was for the XXXL version so Chris would know when he sent it out. Pics will be up after I get it.
TTT for everyone that was asking for these things
Please let me know when the OE shorts are in.

I placed an order together with a friend so I want to first the quality of our first order before I order other things.

If Im happy iwht the quality, my next order will be an OE short and a male warmup suit (from Superbeast's thread)
I love my Jet shorts. I've had a few other shorts and nothing else really compares to them. I specially love the sizing. I've had to play guessing games with some other gear but the Nogis are right on.
Does NOGI e-mail shipping confirmations?