JDS looked fantastic

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Feb 6, 2011
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Was anybody else a little bit surprised by how perfectly healed his face was. There was no sign at all of the recent trauma to his face.
Yeah. Super-weird that an entire month is all he needed to heal up some bruises.
Probablywent with the same dude that worked on big nog's tan :0
Seeing how healed up Joe Lauzon was after just a few days, no i was not surprised..
The funny thing is that he's face was completely healed about 2 weeks ago.
Hell Yeah! I was surprised. I was expecting his face to look exactly the same like after his fight with Cain. :rolleyes:
Nah, he was healing while getting some R&R.

Seems normal after the few weeks since the fight.
Can somebody post a picture pls? I missed it.
bruises heal?

I also as a little surprised, but it was good to see. Cant wait to see JDS go get his belt back...
yeah his lip looked noticably less bubbly...
ya i was impressed with how JDS looked.

healthy and smiling. very good to see.
Yes he looked great, good he is healed not suprised.
There is a lot of "Bro-love" lately... WTF is going on, who cares what he looks like????