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JDS Has Weighed the EXACT Same His Past 4 Fights

hes bigger because he lost body fat? your word ordering is off.
hes bigger because he lost body fat? your word ordering is off.

You can lose body fat by turning it into more muscle mass therefore he's not wrong.
He's a big strong guy and like most big guys, they look bigger after or during workout.

But what would sherdog be without rampant speculation about pictures of muscles.
I think he's about 1/743rd of a pound bigger.

But whose counting?
Since muscle is denser than fat, if he weighs the same but has more muscle and less fat, wouldn't that make him smaller volume wise?

Muscle is heavier than fat. He lost more fat than he gained muscle and that's the ONLY plausible reason he has stayed that weight.

He could've also intentionally lost some water weight this time to fuck with Cain and then come heavy tomorrow.
my cousin is the leading doctor in nutrition of hte USA i think i know a whole shit more about this kind of fucken stuff then you fucken do.

I also have another cousin who drinks beer and bowls frequently bitch what's it to ya?

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