one of the great fighters of the last 25 years. hof material imo. p4p great fighter.
Looks kid time and time again! He seems to be filling out nicely!

What are your thoughts on him?

Yes, underrated. Too many people remember him when he was old and losing to fighters he had no business losing to and forgot about hte badass who won some 80 some odd fights in a row prior.

He's become criminally underrated by many. Had he retired while on top, I think a lot of people would have him top 3 all time.
Most believe that he's the greatest Mexican fighter ever, so I can't agree that he's underrated.
One of my favorites. Julio's boxing prowess (footwork, the ability to slip punches, counter, etc...) can be considered underrated because you rarely saw him utilize those attributes.

He had some great feet and uncanny slipping capabilities when he wanted to showcase those skills. He usually displayed those skills when he was toying with an opponent.

For that ^^^, I would say he is underrated. Otherwise, any Mexican/Mexican boxing fan would tell you he walks among the gods.
nice replies.

I liked JCC, he was 87-0 at one point.Damn!
I really doubt we'll ever see an undefeated record with that many wins on the world stage ever again.