Jason Scully VID - Pass Concepts - Going Under The Legs


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Jun 16, 2007
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Hey Guys

In this video this is "Part 2" of the series that talks about on how to press the guard pass so you can create more opportunities for yourself and create higher percentage passes.

In this video I cover the concept of passing under your opponent's legs and some concepts on making your passing chances under their legs more effective.

This video IS NOT about showing specific passes
This is what I'm talking about: CONCEPTS. And you do this very well, and I thank you.

"You need to get at least one leg on your shoulders."
A lot of teachers would stop right there

This Is what I like:THE WHY

"It's gonna increase your chances of putting pressure on the pass when going under."

"Pull them close to me"
WHY:So I can close the distance and control their hips and keep them from creating space. You don't want them to be able to create space.

This can be applied to so many other areas. That's why I like concepts.

Another simple example would be: You want to keep your elbows in.

WHY: It prevents the underhook
An open elbow is a weaker position
An open elbow gives the opponent more submission chances
And knowing these concepts can prevent a lot of trouble.

When I saw Demian Maia explain the elbow concept,it was an Ah ha moment and a why the hell didn't my instructor tell me this. That one concept alone changed my game two fold.
Great bloopers video.Had me rolling(pun intended).

My old professor taught me the sit-out and it works well.