Jamie Varner Targets Four Opponents For His Return In April


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Aug 13, 2007
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^^^(Doesn't he kind of look like Joe Rogan in this pic?)^^^

Jamie Varner said Rafael Dos Anjos, Ross Pearson, Matt Wiman and T.J. Grant are among the fighters he's looking at for his next octagon appearance.

The former WEC champ anticipates an injured thumb will keep him from meeting one of them until April, but his only preference is that he moves closer to title contention.

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Which of those 4 would you rather him fight? I would like a fight with Peason.

Against RDA I have him losing a decision.

Against Pearson I have him winning a decision

Against Wimam I think he loses a decision

Against Grant I see him losing by TKO.

But he could win any of the fights.
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Varner vs RDA would be a hell of a fight. Yo, Joe Silva, book that shit!
Yes, RDA has been looking really good lately. I would really like this fight.

QFT. He looked like a man on a mission in the Bocek fight. I have never seen Bocek being handled like that.
Varner vs. any top 20 LW is a great fight. I've enjoyed his little resurgence.
Pearson would be fun. Varner is a horrible matchup for Wiman.
Him vs Pearson would be my pick, and i'd have him winning by 2nd round Tko
i think varner could beat any of them save dos anjos. nobody can hold dos anjos down anymore
Respecting Varner for calling out some of the most underrated LWs.
Oh man Varner and Pearson or Wiman would be tremendous fights. I would watch him fight either one of them.
varner vs dunham

varner vs maynard

varner vs eddie alvarez
any of those 4 fighting amongst themselves would be a great war to watch.
I'm surprised he picked those opponents. None of them are big names but all are tough fights. The risk/reward seems poor but he deserves respect for choosing those opponents. Too many businessmen in the sport today would not choose fights like those.