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Media Izzy backstage after Strickland loss

Might be the longest time Izzy’s been humble. I almost feel bad for him.

(Swipe left for video)

Izzy should've knocked that clown out with a spectacular kick or elbow or something but instead got sucked into the clowns mind games and garbage style of walking u down while employing the ugliest version of a philly shell I've ever seen in my life. More power to Shaun cus it worked but I don't gotta like him or his style of fighting. I simply enjoi watching him get slept :)
Chama 🤓
Izzy would beat Sean easy in a rematch
Yeah.... Well that's what almost exactly what everyone was saying just before their fight.

And Sean dominated him in basically nearly every round and came close to KO"ing him at the end of the 1st. Some refs would have jumped in there and called it.... But Goddard had read the script.

I'd simply like to see a rematch, it'd be great. Also I'd like to see Dricus vs Strickland II. Both of those fights please.