It's Saturday night ladies and gentlemen


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Apr 18, 2002
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What are you guys doing tonight? I'm....
I shall be doing the same....................getting hammerd, no driving this time.
Is this also from the white trash party, or were you just covering for the Mullett man in yesterdays pic?!
probably nothing. unless people decide to stop over with something fun in mind.
Neither, it's my buddies Mike and Craig, and yeah its the same trailer trash party as the other pic....

I got pics of me comin soon tho heh!
tonight marks the last night my friend is going to be a single man. tomorrow is the end of his life.. errr his wedding day. We all will get wasted and shitty and hopefully give our brother a good time before his life comes to a screaching halt.
Hmmmmm....I think I can see a few extra Y Chromosones in that picture.

Are they doing spots out of those cans?
They're shotgunning the beers.
last one from this set heheh...