It's Friday Night boys and girls!!!

so...which one are you?

and, more importantly, who's the chick on the left? ;)
And who is the dude with the mullet and tractor hat?
mmmmm...mullett.... asshole friends were going to a white trash party so they dressed not in these photos cuz i was away :(
Thats ok, so they don't normally look like this?

Thats a fucken relief for all of you I am sure!

BTW, the chicks look ok
Do they all look cool?

or am I getting old???

weird...i must have been going to white trash parties all my life...and i just never knew about it.
Petey - I am confused with your username and the your qoute: Not that it matters, but I am curious if you are trying to show that you are a hindu, a christain, or just confused...
Ugh......... thinking of drinking right now makes me wanna puke