Is this the fight people are refering to when asking if crazy horse knocked out Wand

It says in the video title it was Cristiano Marcello.
why were they fighting and did the fight with wand happen at the same event?
apparently he knocked wand out and wand neither confirms or denies it in an interview
apparently krazyhorse is a crack smoking thug who had had his sense choked out of him so hard he made things up about the encounter.
Cristiano Marcello... competed on TUF 15... fought in the UFC twice... jesus fuckin' christ people.
Yes this is the event it all went down

Notice how they edited the video....he's on top punching the little BJJ guy in the face, and then randomly it cuts to him in a fully sunk in triangle.

He explains it

From what I can work out, Wand may have interfered in the fight between Bennett and Marcello (when the camera cuts out), though, allowing Marcello to lock in the triangle...
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why were they fighting and did the fight with wand happen at the same event?

Can't tell but it looks like, from the video, Cristiano was talking shit to a sitting Crazy Horse. Then Crazy Horse rained down discontent and got Choked all the way through.
yeah this guy seems completely full of it bc at the interview later on that day he was praising Wanderlei.
Wand is full of it. He wont give a straight answer when asked about the incident. That right there tells the whole story. Lost all respect for him.
That was during the same night, yes. Krazy Horse is a madman. He's likely in jail/prison again... which is a shame because he had some raw talent that was to die for. Talk about power for a little guy. His fight with Gomi was highly entertaining as well.


lol...some people dont watch that much UFC, i suppose.

yeah but this video surfaces every month with the same questions over and over again.

how many ppl are on sherdog anyways? a few millions it seems