Is this place always as boring at this time?


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Apr 8, 2002
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I could very well die of boredom, or herpes.
no it's not always this boring but it has been lately i think it's because school started back up.
Well i'm sitting in a lab trying to ignore the fact i'm surrounded by proffessor frinks.
it is... fuck im gonna do something different now.. laters!

Originally posted by Money ironic...boredom occurs when J-Garden is around.

Do the math!

Hush now money, you're obviously delirous from the pungent taste of licking Hojak's balls.

Now be off with you little one.
Very odd how i came out with that little comment and lo and behold, i appear in one of your little threads, how touching.

Tragically i got as far as the first half page of "Xor System made me look like the petulant mongoloid that i am, but theres no coming back from that so i'll try my luck elsewhere" I think you may have spelled it "These Sherdoggers bore me!" but that's how I read it.