Into Combat


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Oct 19, 2005
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Does anyone have any of their DVDs?

Have you used their workout examples with much success?
I have both the Grappling and MMA one. A little overpriced for what's on them. It's like a 40 minute video for $35.

They're good circuit training DVDs.
I have the Body Weight training dvd and BW & DB books and there awesome.

Physicaltherapy what kind of exercises are in the grappling dvd?
Mainly sports specific exercises.....suplex motion against a thera-band, rotational slams from open guard position, pushup progression involving rotation, grip strenghtning by hanging from a rope, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now.....

I wish I could give you a full review but right now this is a procrastination break from studying for my CSCS....

I'll try to give you guys a full review after I take the exam.....which is early Feb