Interval Build-Up Running

You can give it a shot. The periodization chart on the site seems to say you should be ready for their "good shape" level with interval running and 400 meter sprints. But it wouldn't hurt to try it. IMO, don't walk until you need to, but don't kill yourself trying to jog. If you are not yet competant with interval running and 400 meter sprints (not up to the "good" level on the charts on that page, I would do 4 weeks of interval training followed by four weeks of 400 meter running until you are.
Omg IBUR is amazing when done in conjunction with 400m sprints and intervals

I would do the 12 week split suggested by christian thiebeadeau (sp) except i would increase the weekly frequency to every morning on an empty stomach. following that cardio split with a good diet and you should be ripped

btw bro good eye on finding that article. Thibedeau is one of the better writers on training, IMO.