Injury Threads

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    Injury Threads

    While this forum is designed for training and injuries are a part of any intense training this is not the place to come for medical advice. It is still useful to discuss injury prevention and other temporary issues, there is no way to give educated relevant advice to treat injuries because we can't know the extent of them.

    Acceptable "injury" topics
    - Prehab and rehab exercises
    - Exercises to do while injured (Ex. low impact for knee problems)
    - Temporary pain from exercise (Ex. shin splints)

    Unacceptable "injury" threads
    - I hurt X last night, what did i do to it?
    - My X hurts from grappling etc. how long before i can train again?
    - X has hurt for a week, i have not had it checked but what can i do to speed up recovery?
    - Can i still train with X medical condition?

    All Unacceptable threads will be closed.
Thread Status:
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