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Injuries during Running?


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Aug 3, 2004
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The last 2 times I've been running I've picked up a muscular back injury? The first time my left lat side ceased up a bit. I managed to finnish the run but had it for a couple of days afterwards. Yesterday I ran as usual and all seemed well until I came back home and felt a niggle in my back (rhomboids?) it steadily got worse throughout the night and again I'm still carrying it today. What with this? I do a light stretch before and a 5 min walk before I start the run and stretch afterwards. Can anyone help me here who also runs and has maybe experienced this.

Get some glutamine and rest. Time heals all things. For me usually i get sore knees and killer shin splints. Both recover by time. Rest for 3 Days and see how you feel. Take some pain releivers daily and if it gets tough see your doctor. Your probably just using muscles your not used to.
Cool, cheers mate. That's a help. Will heed your advice as I've only been running a short time.