Ian Coe

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May 25, 2003
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Need some input

I hyperextended my jabbing arm at the beginning of august at my last fight. At the time I didn't feel it and it was fine for a week afterwards (the time off aftera fight). In the following week I did something that must have aggrevated it because ever since its been hurting.
I've just come off a 3 week break from MT (doing weights and running to get strength and aerobic capacity up), and the damn left arm is still bad

I just came back from training and I'm scared to extend a fast jab because it hurts and in all honesty I can't fully extend it and the worst thing is when someone throws a rigth body kick, i take it on the arm and it contracts the arm at the point where its most painfull. It hurt quite a bit when it got baned a few times.

Can anyone advise anything to help reduce any inflammation and/or heal it quicker.

Any extra details, just ask.

Ibuprofen. If you want, also take Glucosamine w/Chondrotin and MSM.

If it continues to hurt, you're going to have to rest it.