Increase Speed in punches?????


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Apr 28, 2004
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I am training with bigger and stronger guys most of them are 200-220lbs
I am the onbly 160lb person in the group. I want to increase my overall speed and would like some tips on training.
Any running exersies for my feet??
Any punching exersies for my hands??
Or any help on overall speed
ya,,, train more... no really best thing to do, comes with time
Speed Comes From Having Good Balance And Staying Relaxed If You Are All Tensed It Will Slow You Down Try Working On Footwork Drills And Some Skiping To Get Your Feet Working
First off practice and time. What i have done was started with regular heavy bad sets, the speed bag for a lil while(not as important) but i use 5-6 lb lil dumbells and do a little fienting with those. 10 high jabs, 10 low jabs, 10 crosses, 10 hooks, then i start combos. It gets your whole arms, shouldrs and back tired. Then a few minutes later hit the bag again and tou will see a big difference in speed. Over time this is a great technique i have found. Also, try isolation resitance bands. Works also
I feel like working a lot of focus pads helped me improve my hand speed a lot. Also, RELAX.
I agree with Michael Wanaka, the pads helped me alot. I also thought that max effort punch-out drills did wonders for hand speed and endurance, too. Good luck
try throwing 4 punch minimum combos on the bag with little power, just tapping the bag, but as fast as you can. This has helped my speed and combos
To increase speed, punch with no tension. Punch for speed- punch as quickly as you can.

So you know, your ability to improve on speed is far less than your ability to improve max strength (this is just a physiological fact). Since power is the concern of a striker, it's more effective to train strength for power. But you have to learn to relax when you punch, too.
Train more, Relax, use plyomtetrics for foot speed then when you get fast start working on your reaction time. Reaction time will make you appear to be much faster.
im much much faster than anyone ive seen. i think im up there with the fastest pros.. one thing i used to do when i was boxing in 8th grade:

concentrate and focus on throwing 1 punch at a time and returning back to normal position faster than you've ever done before. thats how you get laser speed. it really takes a lot of focus and it's hard to guage yourself you just have to feel it. id just spend a few minutes doing this during my shadowboxing rounds

but you must work on combos for speed too. dont try to hit hard.. just as fast as you can

plyometrics, pads, punching w dumbells, jump roping, footwork.. all these things are great
Michael Wanaka said:
I feel like working a lot of focus pads helped me improve my hand speed a lot. Also, RELAX.

same here, especially when using 16 oz gloves
i bought some great hand weight that i use for speed. they are great. shaped like pebbles and fit purfectlty in my hands. after a training session or on off days i do 5 sets of not stop streight puncing for a minute. seems to have worked well for me.
Ok too get speed in your punches, get some 3lb dumbells, and then do smalll circular motions going clock wise, move your dumbells in small circular motions as fast as you can then throw some combinations, jab, jab & right, whatever combination back to cirular motion, do this drill for 5 minutes or longer if you want, your arms will burn, and but after you get good at it then up your dumbells to 5 lbs. Your hand speed will be very fast. For your feet gets some jumpsoles, and do plyometric drills & your feet will be so much quicker.
One key in punching speed is this(easier to demonstrate than to type): The key is when punching, stay relaxed, but when throwing your punch, do not completley close your hand until your fist is about to connect with your target. So your hand is closed but not completley tightened till have to work this during shadow boxing or with your double end bag! good luck