In need of dumbbell routine (MMA)


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Mar 26, 2008
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Help me out guys. I am broke. All I have are a pair of 35 lb. dumbbells, a heavy bag, and a bench (no bar). If you guys know of a good workout routine that can be done in 15-30 mins using the above and is MMA related I would be very thankful. Or maybe you could just help me put one together. What are the most important exercises I should be doing with a dumbbell?

So far I have been doing the clean and press, squat, and benchpress sets in between 1 minute heavy bag rounds. Like, I'll hit the heavy bag for a minute then run over and do 10 squats while holding the dumbells then run back over and hit the heavy bag for another minute etc... for about 20 minutes pausing to catch my breath everytime I finish going through all the different dumbbell exercises. Gets me pretty tired and sore the next day but I have no idea if I'm on the right track or what.
Try the April challenge

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also, check out craigslist for you area, people often give away fitness equipment, its usualy petty basic stuff, but ive build an entire home gym, incling treadmill, stationary bike, squat rack, weight bench, heavy bags... well you get the idea, all for free off of craigslist