I'm Tired of Being a Skinny Bitch

Matt Thornton

Amateur Fighter
Sep 2, 2004
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Some of you guys told me I needed to start a log. So here it goes.

I started training MMA 3 years ago. I grew up a pretty pudgy kid, so by the time I hit middle school and got into martial arts and wrestling, my focus was getting skinny. I never really lifted weights, just did tons of cardio.

So, when I started MMA, I was reasonably skinny. (5'11" ~150 pounds) I wasn't a total weakling but I was by no means strong. Over the last 3 years, I've really focused a lot more on technique than strength. I was always rolling with bigger guys.

Anyways, for the last couple years, I've been lurking the S&P forums, and reading the hell out of T-Nation.com and trying out their stuff. I've always told myself "Alright, as soon as I get to x% body fat, I'll go on a strength and mass program."

I never did. And for a little while now, I've realized my plan is not to be a 155er my whole life. Even when I do fight pro 155, I still want to be 170 and cutting to 155. For my last amateur fight, I didn't even set foot into a sauna to make 55.

Now I'm at college, and my technique training is a little limited, and I have access to multiple weight rooms. Plus, I have unlimited swipes at the dining commons. For the last couple of weeks, I've just been lifting heavy and eating like a champ, packing on a little functional mass.

As of right now, I don't have a totally specific goal. I plan on fighting again this summer, and when I get out of school I'm going off my bulk program and slimming down. When I do that, I still plan on powerlifting twice a week.

I'll keep updating every time I lift. The core lifts right now are:
-Snatch grip DL from 4" platform
-Oly front squat
-Pull Ups
-Hang Clean
-Push Press
-Lunge/Step Up

I'm working on lifting 3x a week. Currently, I think I'm fighting off a sinus infection, so I was not able to lift today. The next day I lift, I'll post the first update.
Nice choice of lifts man, I would just add in some DIPS!
It's also about the food you eat.

I had a buddy out of college play for the Bangals that weighed 165 dripping wet.

Before going into training camp, his mom had him on a 6 meals a day diet and he ate a lot. Something like 2 different meals eating a whole chicken, 2 carb pasta meals, etc.

He lifted twice a day and took supplements.

NFL season started and he was a lean 225 lb tackle.

He played for 5 years and when he got out, he deflated back sub-180.
Your name is the same name as my gym owners/instructor.

Look forward to follwing your log!
hello, fellow skinny guy. good luck on your routine. snatch grip deadlifts from a 4'' platform sound brutal.
Hey, since your a skinny bastard, look into WS4SB. Someone else on the boards pointed out that its a great program that you can change for your needs (and he tells you how).

The big thing is having a max effort day and a max repetition day instead of the regular west side ME/DE split.

Oh and I second the dips or bench press. People like to diss bench press sometimes just like curls, but its a great lift for adding mass.

Good luck.