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I'm ordering a new gi and I think this one might be it...

Cardio King

Blue Belt
Sep 13, 2007
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I have named it "Tum-Tum" (see the movie "3 Ninjas" for reason why).
So fucking light, the best gi I have ever seen.

It hurts my eyes and you will kind of look like big bird, however you will definitely get noticed.
I love my keiko raca limited edition, especially for the price, it is a beautiful and rugged gi. :)
someone at my gym was wearing that gi...it was kinda hard to look at...what whatever
Haha. I wouldn't wear it to comps, but I think I'd get one for class. Hell, if my wife can roll in her pink Gi, I want a damn yellow one! :icon_twis
Dont Do it.

What is wrong with your red atama?

Nothing, but it's not yellow!

Hopefully my new gi will give my opponents an eplieptic seizure, allowing me to sink in my patented mounted guillotine! :)
Hopefully the people buying these Gi's have some skills to make them noticeable and arent relying on the Gi
I dont know. I dont like this picture in my head (I was generous and gave you a black belt):

At least people won't be able to tell when you pissed yourself.