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I'm butthurt JDS fan


Sep 1, 2012
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Hello JDS fans. Let's talk about what JDS should do in his next fight against Cain?
Get on your real account first then I will tell you
His next fight against Cain won't for a while.
not move straight back and conserve energy.

Cain slows down the longer the fight goes.

He picked a perfect strategy for JDS's movement.
here's the issue- junior said he wasted too much effort stuffing the takedowns and thus left his head vulnerable to being hit- he got smashed with that overhand and that significantly fucked him up and left him vulnerable to cain's onslaught.

but when has JDS ever really covered up well. he's always open to shots and he's eaten his fair share of solid punches. he just happens to have a strong chin.

so also the problem is that if he doesn't concentrate on stuffing cain then he will have to fight off his back. if he has some trips up his sleeve then maybe he makes life difficult for cain- using an active guard to threaten or attempt to sweep- controlling posture and thus minimizing damage. but you can't win rounds or the fight that way.

so junior's best bet is probably to bait Cain in early. the assumption is cain will be ultra-confident after knowing he could stand and hurt dos santos like no one's hurt him. if junior is able to capitalize on that confidence, he could assuredly tag cain hard again and rock the hell out of him. remember, we saw cain put an absolute beating on JDS for three of five rounds and not put him away. junior knocked cain out in the first. while this is no knock to cain, he won decisively and actually may have answered more questions than junior did, it still shows me that JDS may be the one who has more potential to put cain away than vice versa.
JDs needs an answer for the clinch too. cain utilized it to stifle JDS and JDS seemed to do a few interesting things- those back elbows for instance and the attempts at initiating the thai clinch that ultimately went nowhere. id like to see him have more of an answer for that.
He should keep his hands up and block the punches if he can't sway from them.
Maybe then he won't eat oberhand early and be fucked up for the rest of the fight.
Maybe he should use more push kicks like Jon Jones. The thing is he looked really tired before that huge right hand. Those constant TD attempts made him gass really quick. He didn't react well that punch. Carwin tagged JDS but JDS was fresh on his legs and slipping those punches moving backwards. Against Cain he just stood there and took the whole thing on the chin.
not move straight back and conserve energy.

Cain slows down the longer the fight goes.

He picked a perfect strategy for JDS's movement.

lol, everyone does. It's called getting tired.
Punch Cain in the face.
Dos santos was too passive in the first round and Cain went out with everything he had, he was willing to put it all on the line knowing that this could get him ktfo right away. He knew that jds thought that he would be hesitant after getting ktfo. Well, he did all the contrary to what everybody thought.

Jds needs to come out guns blazin right away, not circling around or focusing too much on defending the takedown. Basically like he did in the first fight, or even more aggressively. He needs to put him out asap.
Don't forget to check out the Shoop that JDS in the Pictures and Multimedia section
jds needs some improved cardio and an answer for the clinch.
He needed to punish Cain after the failed takedown attempts (and there were many) instead of just escaping and trying to lure Cain into a stand up fight.

None of this is rocket science. I'm sure by the time the rematch occurs that JDS will have improved cardio, TDD and the ability to punish failed takedowns (punches, soccer kicks to the arms, etc.).
i hope jds dont fight cain again cause cain wrecked his azz and the 3rdfight cain will tko him