If you remove the Top 5, who would rule the HW Division???


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Dec 14, 2012
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Remove Cormier, Werdum, JDS, Overeem and Cain. Who do you see as the HW Champ.
Would Mir still be champ?? Would Nog be the No 1 Contender?
Mir and Big Nog are still Championship material IMHO, i don't see why everybody says they have no chance against the top 5. I believe that if Big Nog defeats Werdum he should have the title shot.
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I'm guessing your top 5 is JDS, Cain, Cormier, Reem, Werdum (no order)?

Yeah, I think that leaves Mir. Maybe Barnett. Carwin if he ever comes back (more than a shell).
Mark Hunt or Roy Nelson.

Maybe Bob Sapp, WhO kNoWS!?!???????!!?
That would suck if they removed the top 5! I wouldnt even care after they pulled that shit
It's like that episode of The Simpsons where the Springfield Isotopes make the playoffs on the heels of a sniper attack at the all-star game.