If you had to choose only one..Marijuana or Alcohol?


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Mar 10, 2006
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If the government had to ban one & legalize the other..which would you choose to be legalized? With all the drunken idiots that I read on the news daily who can't hold their drink (drunk driving, random people bashing & other senseless violence) I think I would choose marijuana to be legalized & get alcohol banned. People all over the world will get along with each other. I have never heard of a person getting violent with marijuana. Nor have I heard of people getting some kind of disability similar to alcohol dependence, withdrawal or liver cirrhosis. I do drink occasionally but I don't think I'll miss it. I have used marijuana in my teens but no longer have the desire or need to use it right now.
MJ, with zero hesitation. Don't care much for being drunk. Being high, that's a different story.
100% Marijuana. Even if I consumed neither, it would easily be MJ.
Absolutely marijuana.
I just smoked weed for the first time about a week ago and I have to say marijuana is the way to go. It helps you fall asleep, it makes you laugh harder and it makes music that much more vivid. Alcohol's "high" and after effects tend to make you feel like shit.
I'm lighting up right now. my girl is on her Lost marathon bullshit & I have off till Thursday. feels good man, but we are having some wine too
Weed. Legalize it.
Gotta be tree! I have taken a half dozen bong hits and navigated Indianapolis during an ice storm with no defrost, finding my hotel with no direction other than "It's by Lucas Oil". Make that 6 beers and I'm probably dead or in jail. Tree > Drink. I know a ton of people that would disagree though.
also, I can get high & read a book. I get fucking sucked in. I can't do that when drinking
If mj was legal, i would probably grow it personally and start dabbling in it again. Booze is legal but don't buy it very often at all as the expense doesn't justify the reward imo.
Being high is infinitely superior to being drunk. Heavy weed usage is infinitely superior to heavy drinking in every imaginable way.

But just having a beer or two is preferable to like, IDK, just taking one hit or something once in a while.

That said, weed>booze
Weed is just better for you and better to be on imo. Alcohol makes me act like an ass. Weed makes me an ascended dispenser of wisdom and love and shit. Too obvious a choice.
alcohol in morderation. havent smoked weed since HS