I Won the comp!!!!!!!! and pulled the 185kg lol

maori rule all

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Aug 16, 2006
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Hey Sherdog I won the Deadlift competition. I entered in at 75kg but weighed in at 73.4kg , I was in the under 16 age group as well.

I pulled 185kg though lol FFUCCKKIINNGG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. sorry, but just happy I actually pulled it.

heres the link for it.



170 kg


Thanks a lot S&P that was because of you all, damm you and your mindtricks making me lift the Iron.
Northern Ireland deadlift competition by the way, not a world event or anything lol
Nice job and you get to keep your testicles which I think is much more important.
That rocks, man. Congratulations! The 185 looked easy for ya, too.
congrats, pulling north of 400 that fast at 15 is a helluva feat.
Great work man
Congrats, that's pretty solid. You've got one hell of a head start on what a lot of the strongest guys here did at that age.
Great job. Both lifts looked easy for ya too.
My coach george said I should aim for 200kg for the next event in june and I can stil compete at under 16 level all this year so I'm aiming for 210 at least for the last event in december.
i wish i could have pulled 405 @<16.

fucking beast.