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I will never surrender


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Jan 3, 2003
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I will start my new routine on saturday (hopefully).
Its gonna be a 3 day kind of full body spilt.
Lets see how it works.
I will write down everything in KILOS.

Why the title?

Because normally im not supposed to lift anymore. i have a very bad disesease (ulcerative colitis) and have to take high amounts of cortison.
Sometimes i will not be able to train (because of the bloodloss) and sometimes i wont be able to eat properly.
So it will sometimes be on step forward and two steps backward.

But working out and doing sports is hte passion of my life and if i give up on that i give up on myself.

So as Winston Churchill once said:" We will NEVER surrender!"

Hope you are interested.
not exactly the best place to ask this but

WTF does that diesease do?
chronical inflammation of your colon.-->bleeding, increase probablity of getting cancer, go to toilett very often :mad: , tireness, other diseases on your skin, lungs, joints (havent suffered this so far :cool: ), pain, feeling like vomiting.

you can just fight the symptoms as nobody on this fu.. world knows the reason.

if anyone has some questions about the disease fell free to ask.

the disease is pretty unknown. i think thats because although its a uncureable disease its not deadly (not anymore, before the invention of cortison many people died).
but the numbers of people who get this disease or a pretty similar one called morbus crohn go up. the sufferage of the people varries very much as it can only be a small inflammation and light medicaments help or its a big one and even cortison doesnt help (like in my case) or the inflammtion eats into the colon :eek: .
anyway, i want to enlighten about it so that people understand affected person better.
and maybe you will think:" how lucky am i not to have this?" or you will realize once again how fast everything can change bad and how little influence you have on this. and maybe you will enjoy every moment a little bit more after that.
Fuck. Man, I just wanted to let you know that this is inspiring. I just lost one of my two jobs, due to a change of contract by the "higher-ups", and Ive been feeling shit about that, but reading this is an effective kick up the ass. Wish you every luck in both lifting and life, you are an inspiration already.

Ive a workout log at http://www.livejournal.com/users/dexter_c/ Feel free to leave comments.
Best wishes graedy. I know UC and Mb Crohn from work. Never say die, mate.
dexter c said:
kick up the ass

thats what i wanted too reach. sometimes those ad temperatiam arguments (it could be worse) help you.

thx @ jarfi and dexter

im looking forward for tomorrow.

my stats:

height: 184 cm
weight: 85 kg
age: 20

personal records:

BP: 130 kg (2 years ago) 120 kg at the moment
DL: started doing them 3-4 months ago went up to 150 kg
squat: still learning form

goals for this year:
BP: 130 kg again :eek:
DL: 170 kg (2x BW :cool: )
Squat: no idea

i would say the goals are more than realistic. but....
I just want to say that you have a great fucking attitude. Good luck and stay strong!
-BP 6x90 kg / 6x95 / 5x100 / 10x87,5 (had to get the feeling)

- Bent over rows 12x87,5 / 8x92,5 / 6x95 / 4x100 (pretty strict form;i think i gonna do 4x6 with 95 kg the next time)

- Front Squats Technique (will change the order with bent over rows because although it was light weight for technique i felt my back)

- some sets of lying dumbell extensions (used the heaviest one s we have, not very heavy but we will get new ones soon :)) superseted with ab work

- some more core work

tested the new heavy bag we have now. great fun.
had to go to toilett about 15 times today. felt very bad. decided to train anyway because afterwards i always feel much better. im down to 20 mg cortison :cool: .

-Deadlifting warmup to 130 kg (experimented a bit with sumo stlye)/ 3x130 / 1x140 / 1x145 / 1x150 (all done with double overhand grip - didnt go higher because its the second time i deadlift some weight, not just form. i think the 170 kg are not far away. maybe i will be able to do the 200 at the end of the year)

- shrugs (first time in my life :D ) 4x8x105 (setsxrepsxkg) easy

- side raise 10x / 9x / 9x heaviest fix dumbells we have (dont know what they weigh)

- Tate Press 12x fix ones / bulided the heaviest db possible ( 20 kg :p -soon we will get some 10 kg plates for the dumbells :D ) x8 / x5 / 12x fix ones

couldnt do core today :mad:

my friend, who started lifting with me about 6-7 months ago (after dropping 15 kg of bodyfat before and 5 kg of fat while lifitng) maxed out on BP. 95 kg. not bad for half a year of training (he started with about 60 kg max). im almost as proud as when i break PR myself.
graedy, my dad suffers with that too. I really wish you the best bro. I know its a hard road but your good attitude will help you along the way!!! I respect your perseverence. Im glad you are able to reduce the amount of your cortison you are taking. Best of luck and thanks for keeping us posted!! Im pulling for you brother!
thx @ rickdog send your dad my best wishes.

still very sick. virus infect. causes my colitis to go very bad. had to go to toilett every hour all night and all day for 2 days. couldnt eat. at the end i almost couldnt walk to the toilett. dropped 3-4 kilos of weight. now its getting better. maybe i can workout again on monday.
Does training hold any contra indications for your condition? .....I wish you well graedy ;)
from my personal experience, it doesnt. thx.
lost 4-5 kgs of bw. can eat little meals again. feel like a weakling. proabaly the work of many weeks is gone. today i will go back to lifting. lets see how much i have lost.
- Squat technique (i have a hard time learning them. did boxsquats today)

- Lat pull downs (we dont have the pull up bar yet) 8x90kg/5x95/5x95/5x95 (nice; wide grip)

- Incline BP 10x75/8x82,5/6x82,5 (horrible; i have lost soooo much :mad: )

- Romanian DL technique (we need a mirror)

- some sit ups and side holds

i have lost mostly pressing power. pulling felt ok. lets see how the deads on monday will go.
- deadlift warmup 1x130/1x130/1x135/1x140/1x140 (my legs were so fucked from the bball playing on the weekend (im not used to it), so i decided to stop here)

- Military press warm up 4x3x55kg (im so fucking weak on the overhead press, i can do upright rows with 70 kgs for 8 reps so my shoulders cant be that weak)

- shrugs 3x8x110 kg (would like to them with dumbells when we get heavier weight)

- Tate Press 12x(1)/ 5x20 kg/ 12x(1)/ 12x(1)

- Core side holds and v sit ups

hmm, not really bad but not nice at all.
yesterday i felt like shit the whole day.
today i feel great.
i could eat a lot :cool: .
hopefully i gonna feel like that tomorrow as well.
i gonna work my ass of then.
did some stuff with the chin up bar we have at home:
did chins with just my middelfingers holding to the bar (could only do one full rom rep :eek: )
had my girlfriend hang on my back (like apes :D ; she weighs 48 kilos) and performed 2 full rom (deadhang to touching the bar with the chest) pull ups :cool: .

then some workout:

-squat 6x85/6x95/3x105/3x105 (went as deep as possible, my legs are WEAK :eek: )

-lat pull downs 5x91,25/5x96,5/5x100/5x100/5x100

-incline BP 6x85/6x85/6x87,5 (felt good this time)

- Romanain DL did form with some weight (105 kg)

-core v sit ups and side holds

nice workout. im on my way to the onehanded pullup. i will focus on my legs.
- BP 5x100/5x100/5x100/4x100/3x100 (my starts feeling more comfortable again)

- Front Squats 10x65/8x75 (technique,technique. i think one or two more workouts and i will start putting some weight on the bar)

- Bent-over-Rows 6x95/6x95/5x100/4x102,5

- lying dumbell extensions 3 sets

- core vsit ups and side holds (soon i gonna use the ab wheel again but at the moment it feels to uncomfortable with the inflation in the colon)

cant train on monday because i will have a little eration on my nose (they remove a piece of cartilage that build up after the big operation when i had my broken nose fixed)