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Apr 9, 2002
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I have just recently come to light of the war waged on the Anti board for supremacy. The carnage of this war has put me in a state of laughing fits. I am Anti; I am so Anti I am not Anti. You might as well call me Big Uncle Anti and say hello to my wife Aunt Anti. So fuck you, your pet hamsters, your flying monkeys, your dorsal fins, your universal remotes, your station wagon, you again, your garlic-shrimp pasta, your whoop there it is, your inner ear, your razor (be it 1 blade, 2 blades, 3 blades or electric) and your MAMA.

Hate you all
Love Downtown.
Listen here downtown.....you may THINK that you own Anti, but I am the new master of this board.

There can be only one.
You pathetic fools.

Only one who masters JIM PAN DO can master this forum.

And like Joe Son made Joe Son Do popular, I will make JIM PAN DO legendary.

Then I will ban Art.
Oh it's on my fellow animal.

It seems that anyone who isnt human here is automatically picked on by MMA.

If you are wiling, we may have to get all the animals together and rid this board of the evil MMA trainer.
It will be like Animal Farm (no Art, not the porno). The animals will rise up and take over.
Dont laugh you stupid White Belt.

Come back when you get your Orange Belt.

Yellow belt is too hard for the eyes.

Failure to listen to me will result in you feeling the full wrath of JIM PAN DO
My Chi has given me dominance over Anti.

With it I can now reach through the phone and cable lines and crush your lungs with just one thought.

you see DT you haven't been in here for some time well since you started that thread about rear naked chokes.(lol how goes the the gracie down fall by the way) so you'll don't quite now what it is your up against in here. but if you darn call my board yours again i'll need to bring the smake down to your I am so Anti I am not Anti arse.

JIM, HOUND, and PABLOPITTBULL do not and i mean do not pissssssssssss me off. i'll will take your tire swing from out of your cage jim. hound you'll no longer be taken out to the beach for exercise any longer. i'll just tie your arse to the back off my bike and drag your arse around the block instead. pablo there be nomore big juciy t-bones for you. instead i'll give you peanutts butter. get back in order your seth loard has spoken.
winner by ko. don't push your luck ladys.
Art Santore I acknowledge your ownership of this board...for now.

I must admit that my Chi failed me while I was reading your retort and so I was unable to stop all blood flow to your heart.

That being said, we can still go to the beach can we?
well of course right after work lets say around 5:30 ish. looks to be a wounderful day. but don't worry your chi is still very powerful just that i've trained in josondo for over 3-4 years now. as well as jim pan do to which i've mastered in 3 days.
(In a pathetic sidekick-like voice) Yea thats right. ART owns this board, and there ain't nothin you gonna do about it.

Holy anti-Board Art!
(in his most manly voice) well said LB now i'm up up and away.shooossssse.
Christ I'm glad to see I'm not the only skitzo here!
Art, it is great to know you have mastered my deadly art of JIM PAN DO.

Use it wisely. I know my days are numbered. There will be a time when the student overcomes the teacher.

And please PLEASE do NOT fall to the dark side. The power will get to your head.