i ordered shorts from GROUND AND POUND....


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Jan 3, 2006
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and they havent sent me a conformation reply yet......should i be worried?????? :eek:
How long has it been?
Of all the business I've done online, I usually get a reply the same day, sometimes within the same hour.
Btw , I guess it shouldn't matter, but where's this outfit out of ?
These look kinda similar to another fight short company, I just can't think of their name....
All kidding aside, hope you get your stuff in a timely manner.
Give them a call. I know my software is set up to auto send a conf email as soon as the order comes in and if you don't get an email something didn't go right. Can't hurt to call and ask instead of waiting a week and not having the shorts and then finding out they never got the order.

i e mailed the owner and the order info people......if i dont get anything sometime today im gonna call..
thanks for the advice
They emailed me back.....the order was sent today
they said all it was, was that international orders take a couple more days to process.

thanks for your thought though
weird. would still have expected a confirmation email the same day.
you would think so.......it was the owner that returned my email....seems to be cool.....so we will see if the shorts come
christ those shorts are so ugly.it looks like they just buy shorts from hitman and add their logo.
These shorts appear to Sprawlgis, part Sprawl, Part Nogi, all rip off.
Superbeast said:
These shorts appear to Sprawlgis, part Sprawl, Part Nogi, all rip off.

LoL the love child of Sprawl and Nogi has the world come to an end? They look good if you like knock offs.
everyone is making fight shorts now, all named after some grappling name.

ground and pound


what next? rickson by armbar?
LoL Nice name RG :p My company si coming out soon called Fedor is God Wear.
the black and yellow ones are alright, but they did pretty much take evryon elses designs...although to there credit its probably a pretty hard business to be new and innovative in