i need info

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  1. Eros** Guest

    one gram of protein to 1lbs of body weight. is that what u should do? do you piss the rest out? is it bad for ur kidneys?sry bout typing in a hurry got to go?
    i need info.

    thanks much
  2. MN-KungFu Guest

    thats what they say...mmm protein gives me a type of sickness in my mouth u can only get from eating road kill......DIANA DEATH
  3. HP_Nut Black Belt

    Oct 13, 2005
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    Mostly it's those w/ a vested interest that say you need at least 1g/lb ie sites that sell protein w/ articles saying you need at least 1g/lb.

    For me personally, I get 0.8g per lb of lean body mass.
    LBM = weight - body fat %

    At 15% body fat, that'd typically equate to close to 0.7g/lb
  4. MN-KungFu Guest

    eat until u feel sick thats what i do

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