I need a diet plan

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Mar 16, 2008
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I'm looking for a diet plan to cut body fat and build muscle/improve my cardio. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
quit eating cake, limit calorie intake, increase calorie expenditure. you choose the food.

start exercising daily
weekly plan according to the national weight control registry (a group of people who've lost 30kg + and kept it off for over 3 years). the people who had success did the following.

5x week 30 min moderate activity (think 60%VO2max)
3x week 20 min vigorous activity (think about something that will get ur VO2max up high)
2x week weight training

weigh yourself atleast weekly to monitor yourself
I'm looking for the same answers. I'm in college and I need some help figuring out what foods are best to eat while i'm training so I can cut fat and build muscle. any help would be awesome
hell, it's not rocket science. first thing's first, never eat any refined carbs again.

if you want like a 2 week jumpstart (you'll start losing fat and lose alot of water), do something like the south beach diet or atkins phase 1 and eat nothing but veggies and proteins.
If you are starting from scratch, meaning you have very little direction, like JSN said, make small changes. Cut out fried foods, or high sodium foods, or soda. If you think you already eat well, and you have some guidelines to give us, post them up and we can be of more help.
please use the search function, this has been asked a billion times.

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