I have the chuck lidell belly symdrome


Feb 2, 2008
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Everything on me is toned and in shape except for the belly. It really looks weird and out of shape compared to the rest of my body. What can I do to fix this...
1) Eat right.

2) Work out right.

Accomplish #1 and #2 by learning as much as you can by SELF-education on the matters of nutrition and exercise.
You really ask the most ignorant questions
God, if someone says they look like a "certain fighter" in the thread title, it should be an automatic deletion
^^Word. or what Donut said...post some pics and lets really see.
at least he takes his stupid questions to the D&S now...
Produce less stress hormones, less stress, eat plenty of veggies, sleep 7.5-8 hours a night.

On top of doing deads/squats, also do weighted abs.
My abs are ripped. Do weight crunches on a swiss ball to shred your abs. For those lower abs, do lots of leg raises. For a nice V look with your abs, do all of your curls on a bosu ball.
run more.

eat 5 meals of lean meats and veggies.

then run some more
get some lipo or your abdominal wall stitched together.
Why would you want to change your body if it resembles that of a highly paid pro athlete?
wow. lots of bad advice in here. Here's what you should do obviously:

1. Get a mohawk

2. grow a fu manchu

3. Start calling yourself the "Really Cold Man"

4. Join the UFC

5. Knock Out Randy twice and Tito twice, those four wins should get you on the map

6. Win the LHW title

7. Turn in a couple of disappointing performances only to come back and win an impressive, hard fought victory over the man who was supposed to end your career

8. Get completely shit faced and go on a live talk show

9. Bang lots of hot sloots

10. Go down as the most dominant and most widely celebrated LHW champion in history

I'd say it might take you a good 5-6 months to accomplish these tasks. After which you may be able to afford some lipo
I'm actually ripped to shreds as well but I have fat ears.
Wear vertical stripes, not horizontal ones, so you don't seem so FAT.