"I got 9 welterweights on the show that are all in the top 5"-Dana White (Video)

How do you know he isn't foreshadwoing tag teams in MMA?
I actually like the quote (if it was intentional)

Shows how cutthroat and tight the WW division is at the moment.
"Judges rarely give out 10-7's. they're like Unicorns, only a few people have seen them."
"Bob Arum is the dumbest promoter in the history of the world."

the welterweight division is stacked on top of stacks right now. i think if took gsp out of divison the belt would be passed around like a cheerleader at a football team party. :) u get the point
Basically saying that arguments could be made that each of the nine could be in the top five ie have 10 people make their ww top five list and all the fighters would be listed in the top five by someone out of the ten.
Are people taking it literally? He meant it as a joke in that he's got a bunch of welterweights on the card, all of them on the cusp of a title shot. If Diaz no shows again, there are plenty of people to replace him.
Add in the 2-3 that Bellator has and the top 5 for WW is STACKED.