How would we ever know if someone on here died


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Dec 18, 2001
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If one of us feckers went out in a car wreck nobody on this board would ever know.

If fact, maybe Jug Herroin is now being used as a sex toy in the basement of a gay bar...
i thought thats what Jug did as his day job?:confused:

yeah..i hear ya

i may need to swap phone numbers with a member so i can get my wife to phone them if ever i die unexpectedly..

fuckin hell your morbid right now

im sittin here havin a beer or 12 and gonna have a BBQ l;ater...and this............
some people here know each other in real life, but for the ones who dont just disappear i guess.. if i took a dirt nap no one here would know.

would you be like that ghost in one of the movies that rapes other people?

i think id go for some of that if i died soon
Ok its a bit dark, but not that long ago LSG was in a smash.

She also lists drivin fast as one of her pleasure in life. Could there be a connection?
Treelo after our Triple Threat Match I will post a pic of your gravestone.

Don't worry, your wife and kids will be taken care of and get to enjoy the many pleasures of living in Canuck land.
so what your saying is...

your going to be like a typical woman..

moving everythin and not owning up to it....


I've been dead for like six months and my ass is starting to stink.
Originally posted by lil'surfer girl

Oh, by the way donegal....your out of shampoo :p

Lucky I'm goin bald then u wee fecker...
i've already willed my entire estate to sherdog. you all would find out eventually.
I can't die, I'm an immortal.
If I died I don't think even my ole lady would notice.
If I died, you'd all know. Canada would declare a national holiday. It'd be, "We're so glad we don't have to give Squezze money anymore Day."
you better hope someone doesn't cut off your head then, meat. I hear that's how those immortals get it in the end.

if i go away forever, you can all assume i'm dead.
My hombre TeaBag would fill you all in if I died. If he died, well you'd know because I'd be celebrating.
if i'm going to die, i'll make sure to take money with me.