How to fake a pressing log in the gym.


Aug 23, 2006
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I kinda came up with a way to make a log in the gym today. I'll describe how to make it.

You will need.

One (1) safety pin from a squat rack.
Two (2) standard sized screwable collars.
Many (N) 25 or 35 pound plates.

How to make:

Slide one of the collars down the safety pin so it's about 1/3 from the far end and tighten it. Slide as many plates as you want onto the bar so that they are touching the collar and each other. Slide the other collar down next to the weights and tighten it. Voila.

What to do:

Grap it with one hand on either side of the weights/collars, clean it up to your shoulders, and press it above your head.


Simulates the change in centre of gravity of a log press compared to a bar.
Cheap as free.
The plates kind of wobble so there's a stability factor.


Doesn't have the same neutral hand positioning of a competition log press.
Can only load so much weight.


You can take the sleeve off a barbell with an allen key and do the same thing using regular collars, and you can hold the ends of the sleeve with a neutral grip.
Can you post a picture of this concoction? I can't visualize it, but it sounds like a fantastic idea!!!
How to simulate pressing a log at the gym.
Step 1: Find trendy new age gym with numerous potted plants and shrubbery.
Step 2: Invest 115$ in Stihl belt fed gas operated chain saw.
Step 3: Turn up ipod really loud so cries from gym employee's cannot be heard.
Aren't the handles in the wrong direction?
yeah, they are. You need the handles perpendicular to the direction that they are at.

EDIT: are the grey things the handles?
yeah, they are. You need the handles perpendicular to the direction that they are at.

EDIT: are the grey things the handles?

no, they're the plates.

I've never done a log press in my life, but my guess would be that using 2 dumbells would work better (keeping wrists in same position).
Yeah, that's an auxiliary press that we do to train on an incline bench to help log press.

Training log press is *hard* without a log, so I was curious what Klotz came up with. I'm talking about the little grey things sticking up vertically next to the plates.... could those be the handles?
No those are the screws on the collars. As you can see in the cons section, you still hold it like you would a normal bar. A log press is different from a bar because the weight is situated farther forward, messing up your balance. That's what ths contraption does.
Actually, thats a pretty good idea. I think i'll try that one out the next time im in the gym.


here's your reward:

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