how to escape from thai clinch?

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    There are various ranges. Here is an OVERSIMPLIFIED

    If he is working for a clinch, simply push your opponent away (at
    the neck). You can then work your own clinch, or strike.

    If he is taller than you and/or you feel he is going to get you but
    your head is not "down" yet, apply a body-lock. You can throw
    him from here is rules tolerate it.

    If your opponent has got you, and he is good clinch fighter,
    you are probably in big trouble. However, if he has you and
    does not have his elbows in tight, you can escape to the side
    by popping one of his elbows and escaping to the side.

    On the offensive side, ELBOWS IN TIGHT is the first trick for
    a solid offensive clinch.

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