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Oct 24, 2007
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I fight in two weeks and I have five pounds to cut....How do I do it I ask because I m 140 and have to get to 135 so I m pretty skinny,....Should I sit in sauna a day before the weigh ins or right before and just sweat it out.....Thanks
5 pounds is a small amount to cut before a fight. I know that I carry more water weight then that and I can cut that the morning of a fight by sitting in a sauna. I weigh 200 lbs so I may be carrying more room to play then you have. The night before the fight I would cut back on my calories and then sit in a suana the day of the fight. I would carry some food (fruit) and water with me to the weigh in to have right after. 5 lbs should be easy, it is more of problem when you have 15 lbs to cut and you do not do it all of the time. Good luck.
thanks.....I will definately do that.....
fuck cutting man just eat heaps and go up a weight class...its not mma your not gunna get bashed if the guy has a bit of weight on you
it is mma.....I m 5'9 1/2 so I will have a lot of reach on the dude...he is 5'7......