How much weight did you cut?


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Oct 28, 2003
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Just curios how much weight people have cut in 6 weeks?
the most I ever cut was 26 pounds in around 5 weeks. 12 of that was in the last 48 hours. Why do you ask? have a big cut coming up?
Yeah, i gotta cut about 25lbs in 6 weeks. A lot of bodyfat also, but i am not really worried.
I have seen people cut only a few pounds and I have seen people cut over twenty pounds. I think that as long as you're healthy and have a decent bodyfat percent then you can cut a decent amount of weight. If you're cutting too much and you are feeling dizzy, week, etc. then you should talk to your doctor just to be safe.
If a lot of your weight that you have to drop is fat, then that's good. You can do that with a good healthy diet and a well regimented work out plan. Best of luck.
I think it depends on what kinda shape you are in and how fat you are. I was 300 pounds when i started fightin and i lost 70 pds in 2 months. I wiegh 220 now and its a lot harder to cut but I fight at 195.
Oh ya and I know it gets old hearin it but Runnin and cuttin down on carbs at first helped a lot for me. I'm not talkin about cuttin out carbs just eat healthy carbs only. Drink cold water to that helps a lot.
I'm cutting 15 in 8 weeks. I weigh 185 and sit around 11-13% bf. 2lbs a week is the recommendation as far as loosing weight in a healthy manner. If you want to cut water weight 10%of your body weight is a rough number to keep in mind. IE if you weigh 220 then 22lbs of water is the most you should cut.
At the can ams I lost 14lbs in 3 hours to make weight. Had to fight 16 hours later.
I lost 14 lbs in a week. It was all muscle and water. I was stronger than my opponent for the first round but cutting that fast sucks the life out of you.

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