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May 23, 2002
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I have always ran for reasons of staying in shape, as well as cross training for my other sports. I never really took running seriously, or as a sport, but lately I find myself wanting to do more running, and compete in local 5k, and 10k events. I have no intentions on becoming a marathon runner, or anything of that nature, but I am beginning to appreciate it! Would anyone here care to share some stories, or give some helpful tips on getting started. Maybe some reginmens, drills, routines? Ideas for equipment would help as well. I recently bought a pair of running shoes. I feel they are the best on the market for people with a normal arch in their foot.

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I have posted a lot of tips in the past about getting started and various workout types and programs and all that. Search if you want. I am going to scratch my brain for a couple stories now though...

I broke my ankle running once and walked 2 miles on it to get home.

I broke both legs before, with stress fractures, and ran for 3 weeks in intense pain (
Running is awesome once you got your base up. Asics are generally good. You don't really need other equipment unless you want some tunes. Run steps to get your legs stronger. Or find a slight hills and run intervals up hill faster than your 5k pace. Or you can do your regular run and alternate between your 5k pace for 2min. then slow down for 30 sec. repeat.

Plyo's are good to get your speed up. Track work is boring but can be very rewarding.
I like to train in flat shoes with no cushion on them and an even sole height from forefoot to heel. Hey 5K and 10K distances are excellent places to start doing races. If you want to train for a 5K I'd recommend atleast 30 miles per week. For running a 10k I'd say you want atleast 40 mpw. Make sure you have these six things in your training program.

1. Long Runs
2. Tempo Runs
3. Intervals
4. Sprints
5. Fartleks
6. Hills

If you incorporate all of those elements you'll be on your way to fast times.
marathon runner here. i buy my stuff at very great bargains. i even went to their store in san diego.

in addition to the shoes, you might want to get some socks, shorts, and shirts that don't soak up sweat. i've used up 5 pairs of asics (gel foundation and koji) for my flat feet.

tips...start slow and gradually build up. do a timed mile and/or timed course, then work on it. mix it up like wooshman wrote. once a month, i test myself by doing the TUF treadmill drill. lastly, be kind to your knees. whenever possible, run on trails or sand.

best wishes!