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How many of you drag sleds?


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Oct 7, 2005
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I asked earlier about weak ankles, and a few of you mentioned sled dragging..

Just got a couple of question for those of you who do sled drags.

-Did you just end up buying a sled from elitefit or did you make you own?

-Did you find any noticeable differences in your bodie's performance after starting sled dragging? Acceleration, explosiveness, endurance/stamina increases?

--additionally, could someone point me in the direction of building a sand bag?
I make my own sleds and sometimes i use the ones at my school.... and yes you do find a noticeable difference. it really really helps with your explosive power, and if your pull sleds alot it can also help with your endurance... kinda like when your are pushing against someone for a long time.
I made my own. Piece of plywood + 3/4 inch flanges + 3/4 inch black pipe + rope = sled. Problem is it digs into the dirt and gravel and the end of your drag is going to be tougher than the beginning because of all the shit that's piled on it.

Alternatively a tire + plywood fitted to the inside + rope = a sled that significantly reduces the amount of drag and dirt piling up involved.
Urban, what do you use as a harness? Did you make that too or did you purchase one?
I just use a lifting belt.
I found a old tire on trash pick up day, drilled a whole in the side of the tire and attached a hoop, ment some metal to cover the bottem whole.

It works great, ohh and i use my IronMind Dipping belt as the belt...
in the middle of my street...it's alot like the Wayns World "game on" scene
I built my own too.

Plastic toy sled. Drilled a hole, hooked a rope to it. Hooked the rope to a belt.

Throw your sandbag onto it, done and done.
Thanks for all the help. I guess anything goes with the sled build, but I think I'll try my hand at find an old tire.

Anvar.....how did you get the metal to fit on the tire? in the hole or on the bottom of the tire? Also, do you prefer to use the street rather than say grass?

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