How do you combine lifting and martial arts?


Nov 9, 2012
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I did SS for 4 months and then picked up boxing again and I found them impossible to combine, boxing conflicted with my lifting and lifting conflicted with my boxing (my legs were completely gone in a boxing training due to it being the day after I squatted and deadlifted) I also got an injury which I rarely get. So I stopped lifting

I'm taking a break from boxing for an unknown period of time and started lifting again and will start BJJ soon but should I just focus purely on BJJ or again try to combine them? Maybe SS isnt the right program to follow when also doing another sport
SS is hard to do while playing multiple sports. The 5/3/1 two day split is really good for people who play sports.
I have just started 5/3/1. Im not far enough in to see how it will go, but it looks like the best training protocol I have come across.
The only way I was able to do Judo/BJJ and still lift the way I wanted, with actual gains, was to use the Superhuman program in Tim Ferriss' book 4hr body.

I can't remember the name the S&C coach he talks to but it's designed around sports athletes needing to train and lift without downtime.

Worth a read.
I have run boxing and 5/3/1 together for more than two years now. I increased my big three total 225lbs with no detrimental effects on my boxing or wrestling schedules.
I did lifting 3x a week and BJJ 2x my last year of college and saw my lifts, skill, cardio, and bodyweight all increase while passing my classes, working, and interning half the year... Of course, I didn't work a whole lot, I got at least 8 hours a night, and was responsible for eating at least a couple cows worth of meat...
It really depends on a few things... First off, do you have time in your typical week to lift and train MA? What's more important to you? If you want to make some serious progress in BJJ and only have 4 days to train. Then dedicate to yourself to BJJ. If you ample time on your hands then split between the two.

I've lifted my whole life. I only recently (few years ago) started training MA. My MA training became such a priority that I stopped lifting. I've recently incorporated weight training back into my weekly routine now that I've reached a level I'm pleased with. I try to do MA 3 times a week and lift (ideally) 3 times a week. I've found this tough to do, but certainly do able... It helps if you're not boozing it hard on the weekends.... Really takes a toll on your body!

I also suggest to have a designated day for lifting and a designated day for MA training. I wouldn't advise doubling up unless your taking mad supplements and are getting at least 8 hours of sleep. I've tried to double up and I found it to be counter-productive IMO.
I've never boxed, but I found that bjj complimented my lifted nicely, letting me loosen up my hips.
I dunno, never found it an issue. I am able to lift 4 times a week, and grapple the other 3 days with no issue. Well, if I stop lifting for a while then come back I usually burn out harder, but when I;m in the middle of training season I don't normally feel burnt out.
I have two skill sessions, two strength running 5/3/1 and one heavy conditioning. The weekend is off, and I am starting to try and do some shorter conditioning sessions after my gym sessions. I need more energy.
I lift twice a week, sometimes more. Sessions (particularly deadlift) are quite taxing though, so I'm switching them to days when I don't have more strenuous training.
I've been on 5/3/1 about 2 months lifting three times a week, practicing MA twice a week.

To answer your question, a lot of this is going to depend on a few things...
1.) How well/much you eat: Food = Fuel for recovery
2.) How well/much you sleep: Sleep = Muscle Recovery
3.) How well do you time your workouts? Are you doing bench,squats,and deads back to back? Probably a bad idea, things have to be spaced out for your body to heal.
4.) How well planned are your workouts? Are you maxing every session because you want to be "swole as hell, brah"? Less is more when it comes to lifting at times, leaving some left in the tank will help you a lot in the long run and will make you less injury prone.
5.) Are you on steroids? Shit ain't f*cking good for you, stay off it.