How do I wear out other fighters in Thai boxing and control my energy


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Oct 2, 2003
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Been Thai boxing for 7 months now and train 5 days week mostly double classes. I am 6ft1 and 15 and a half stone.

Any way I would class my self as a pretty big built guy and can do what I like with my sparing partners when I get in the clinch but its not long until I gass. Yes my fitness is lacking a bit but I am sure I am using to much energy in one go and not breathing right as i have never been shown.

Will staying mentally relaxed when I get in the clinch help as well ??

please advise on ways i can use my strength and weight to wear the smaller fighters down and how to stay in control of my own energy.


Just to add I am loosing weight and 2 stone less than when I started
ofcourse relaxing will help. but if you've been doing it for a while you should be over that, and atleast be comfortable in your own gym.

work on the cardio.

Try some jog/sprint intervals. ever 30 seconds sprint for 20 seconds then slow it down, wait thirty seconds, sprint for 20, slow down, wait thirty ect ect for say 5 rounds at 2-3 minutes each with a 30 sec - 60 sec rest. got my cardio up huge at only 3 days a week. With in a month I could out gas 3/4 of my boxing club
double post sorry
but you could try to hit them in the4 solor plexus or the ribs to knock the wind out of them ande they will be instantly gassed, even when they get there wind back, they will be barley able to keepn there hands up
the biggest thing i notice about bigger stronger guys in the clinch is that if you pay attention, you can notice them holding their breath for moments at a time.

moments add up, and only makes them gas out faster. you gotta keep your breathing steady and controlled.

check yourself when neck-wrestling or knee-sparring. try to see if you're holding your breath at all, or if your using too much muscle strength and not enough body mechanics to maneuver yourself as well as your partner.
also, if you've never been shown how to breathe effectively or how to use proper body mechanics, ask your kru. he should definitely be able to help you when it comes to technique