How do I defend against the KEY LOCK?


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Jul 20, 2005
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Ima white belt, a blue belt caught me about 5 times in a key lock at BJJ class sparring. He slapped them on from almost every position we were in (side, mount, guard). How do I defend against these nasty little buggers?
Try to lock your hands, or use your legs/hips to get him to release the grip.
From side control:

From guard I like to use a escape Margarida showed on his dvd. First grab my pants/belt to stop him being able to finish the lock, the grab the wrist of the arm he is trying the kimura on with my other hand. From here pull it back to safe positon, vibrate or shake your arm/body to help you move it.
Don't ever give him ur arm in the first place
If you are on the bottom, roll towards your arm that he has trapped and try put your hand on the back of your neck or grab your shorts, depending if it is Americana or Kimura.

From guard put the hand behind your knee so it is trapped between your calf and thigh. Then bring the hand up towards your opposite shoulder.

In mount, if he goes for it from sweep him over. He won't be able to try put his hand out for base as both his arms will be focused on one of yours.
It depends on where his arms are.. If he is going for a keylock or kimura, both his arms are going to be free, with your inside arm, use your elbow to push off of him and create space for you to gain your guard back.. Always keep the far arm tight to you when he's holding you in side control. When in side control, remember he's either going to have one hand by your side so you can't regain guard in which case you can come to your knees and grab a single, or if he is going for the kimura/keylock, he has no hand to stop you regaining guard.
my flexibility helps me alot when it comes to this submission, i usually just roll out of it, sometimes i use it to excape the sidemount and i know the other guy won't be able to submit me with it.
if you're in his half guard and you're on top, and he is is trying the kimura from bottom, spin around towards hime to the opposite side and end up getting his arm for the armbar. Reference: What Saku tried on Arona
Shooto#1 said:
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Or Rickson's quote from an interview: " You just got fired, so what? Go to the beach catch some waves man." Classic
if in side mount, roll slightly towards the arm being attacked. if you can, reach across and grab your own hand/wrist with your free hand. bring your bottom knee up under his arm that is applying the pressure, he cant move it any further, so sorry, no sub. in mount (and in time you should never get caught in a keylock with the guy mounted on you) reach across with the free hand, grab your hand/wrist as in above, this time force your opponent back over the top of you, if you study your hands in this position, you can see that it is very easy to now roll his wrist backwards, as it is trapped between your hands. Now you get the sub, well maybe, BJJ guys generally dont count wrist locks as good technique. Our school, a submission is a submission, real simple.
b0b said:

What?! Either you're talking about the armbar kimura from in the half guard like the other guy said, or you're thinking about an kimura and armbar transitional attack combo from the mount.
Sorry if it has already been mentioned but usually I try these:

From withing someones side control or mounted, reach with the other hand & grab it. Note, from them mounting you, try make them reach across your body to kimura & then sweep/upa roll them because they'll lack a balanced base.

From guard is slightly more diffucult. I rarely get kimura attempts that are successful & espicially rare from guard as I try keep my arms tight & not post them out in their guard. The only thing to take off the pressure is roll back to their mount, which isn't good either.
Are you talking keylocks in the Kimura sense, or referring to where he places his wrist in the crook of your elbow and turns it to seperate the joint? I thought there was a difference between the two.
This is the easiest to defend. make sure that you always make sure your in side his arm thats furthest out then bridge
You're getting keyed from your guard? How long have you been in JJ? Is This guy a lot bigger than you or something? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a dick, I just don't understand how that can happen.
i grab my arm that's being locked and roll towards the lock and at the same time straighting it out.
2om30 said:
i grab my arm that's being locked and roll towards the lock and at the same time straighting it out.

From sidemount though, you can straigten that right into a straight armbar, i prefer to getmy arm far away from my body (not necessasarily straightening my elbow) then a trick my sambo coach showed me was to grab the back of my collar (this helps when the guy is particularly big and strong). Of course this doesnt get you out but it does help you to not tap :)
i dont know the technical defense to keylock/kimura i just see them coming from a mile away and move my arm out of position for it

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