Horror movie fans



I come before you all I need to know the full name to those "House movies"

I don't mean Amityville horror as I have those

All I remember from I think the second one was some guy sticking a grenade in some dead army guys rib cage and blowing him up
"House" and "House 2:the second story". Are those the ones you are thinking of? I remember the army guy, I think he was played by Richard Moll (the big guy from Night Court).
there are 4 House movies.

House 2: the Second Story
the Horror Show
House 4

good luck finding past the 2nd one...i almost don't believe they exist.
My brother and I used to watch House 1 and 2 nearly everyday when we were out of school for the summer.
Dude Petey I'm having more of a problem finding the first two
really? check out best buy or suncoast. There's a dvd two pack of the first two for 20 bucks, and i know i've seen them there before.
I am the biggest chickenshit when it comes to scary movies. I can`t watch em.

I watched a documentary on BigFoot on the discovery channel and I didn't sleep at all that night.

I am still trying to get over Jaws.
Hound I used to spend the night in a "haunted graveyards" I have a Chucky Doll to that sits right above my bed
i've been watching them since i was 2, so watching at night doesn't bother me. probably one of my favorite things to do actually...watching horror movies alone in the dark. ki ki ki ki...ma ma ma ma

except the Night of the Demons opening credit sequence...thats way too scary...