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joe broadway

May 15, 2004
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A while back i found a page on geocities that had many different homeade weight training tool, and i cannot find it. does anyone happen to have the link to the site i am speaking of?
ohh.. im curious now. Although, im already a member of a very nice gym..

My only homade iteams I have really is a wrist roller and just and incline board for situps lol
I made a Smith Machine out of toilet paper rolls for my hamster. Does that count?
fight training. google it.
Oh dear, I'm now an engineering student with a month left of my holidays, a bunch of ideas for homemade training kit, a garage full of toools and a homebase round the corner.

This is gonna be fun. :)
I'm making the medicine ball tonight. I just need to go get some sand. The local park will have to do...
Leviathan333 said:
I don't know were to get sand :(

Don't they sell tubes of sand for winter time in Oregon?