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Mar 26, 2005
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My basement is almost complete w/ the exception of a few more things. Wandering who else trains at home and what their garages, rooms, basements, sheds(rich franklin style), etc. consists of.
I used to until I found a MT place. I had foam flooring (the type from Kragen) for skipping rope and stretching. Banana bag, double end bag, speed bag, and a tall mirror or two. Now all of my shit is in storage and I will probably get rid of it.
I also train at home, I dont get to go to the gym a lot because I jus started BJJ. Well anyway, in my shed I have 75lbs canvas bag (everlast), punching bob, & a couple of weights. I also have target mitts for when my buddy comes over. Not that much but its better than nothing.
Rich Franklin trains with team Jorge Gurgel...he trains in a gym.
I go to a gym but at home I got a pretty decent set-up. Heavy bag, speedbag, weight bench, and a pull-up bar. All I need really.
dapunisher said:
Rich Franklin trains with team Jorge Gurgel...he trains in a gym.
well no shit now he does...Read a little bit about him and you'll understand where i got that
I have a heavy bag, speed bag, jump ropes, weights, throwing dummy, resistance cords, I do most of my training at home and use my class time to perfect technique and spar.
I have 2 heavy bags, 50lb and 95lb...double end bag, maize ball, speed bag and 144sq ft mat'd for sparing with my bro and some others, and enough/variety of gloves to support an underground fight club. I figure this way, like spoonman said, when i start class, i'll use it for perfection and good sparring.
I train at a gym but at home I have a couple heavy bags, weight bench, incline bench for situps, stationary bike, dumbells, etc. I don't use the bags much because the stands suck. They move way too much. Looks like they're going to fall over just from hitting them lightly. I don't want to hang them from the ceiling and I don't want to spend a lot on a better stand, so...
I've got a banana bag, a heavy bag for groundwork, treadmill, I replaced the bed in my room with gym mats, grappling dummy(homemade), weight bench, resistance bands.
Ive got a weights bench and a heavy bag in my spare room. The people in the flat below dont appreciate the noise from the bag though or from me skipping. Also got loads of exercise shit that my family seem to buy me every christmas that never gets used!
i have a squat rack with free weights and all, heavy bag, and i am ordering a mat for the room also.
i have small area of mats as we speak. Im in the process of ordering 144sq ft of Puzzle Mats.
I work out at home a good bit.

In the basement I have a powerrack and freeweights/bench etc.
Treadmill for the crappy rainy days. I use the dirt trails/roads for the nice days.

I use a heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag out in the shed.

Got thai pads, focus mitts, jump ropes sparring kit, belly pad, suitcase pad for use with visitors and carrying with me to different training locations. We work out in other people's basements too sometimes.
Yea i go to the gym for lifting(lil over a minute away) then come home, hit the bags. I also have many pads, 2x shin pads, 3 sets of boxing gloves(all 14oz), all my none mma friends love to box and i love watching :), x2 chest/stomach protector, x2 headgear, Sherdogs Gloves. After i get the mats i would like to get some focus mits or an upper-cut bag.
I've set up a training area under a large oak tree, which is on top of a small hill at my house.
Tied to a large branch i have an 85 lb regular bag and a 250+ lb. 7 ft. bag. Under these bags i have a 7ft by 7ft ground mat. Close to that i have a 7ft by 18 ft ground mat for sparring.
I work out in this extra room at home.