Hill sprints, question


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Jun 4, 2008
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What's happening guys? I have kind of a silly question for you about hill sprints.

Basically, once you reach the top of the hill... do you jog down or walk down the hill? I have heard people telling me "you need to walk down" and then I hear people saying "jog down quickly", so I am very confused.:redface:

Yeah I know, this is a dumb question but I am still a newbie here... don't hate lol.
Jog down at a pace that makes you almost comfortable, you'll end up doing HIIT with it if you do it right. You should be recovering but not enough to where you aren't like you were when you started, you should be barely huffing and puffing when you go for your second one.
I also see you're new and have posted some threads about training etc., if you haven't read the faq's and if you have already read them again. Go to the D&S forum too that will help alot. good luck.
The idea is to completely burn yourself up running up the hill, and then recover on the way down. You should be ready to go back up full speed ahead once back at the bottom.
I prefer jogging back down, but that's me.
sprint up jog down. also if your training for a certian time limit (5,3 min rnds) keep at it for that time limit.
I agree with the jog down.....for most of my conditioning I utilize an active rest.
For regular hill sprints I hustle up and jog down. For hill sprints with a sand bag on my shoulder I sprint up and "walk" down, switch shoulders and repeat.