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Oct 14, 2006
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www.ALLTHEWHEY.com has some good pricing on high quality proteins and supplements. I have not purchased from them yet but I have heard good things, and the ingredient profiles in many of their products are solid. A taste review can be found here on their whey protein isolate: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/all-whey/91651-all-whey-protein.html

I recently added some items to my cart but did not end up purchasing. I did get an email later with a discount code for 20% off my entire order. The email did not specify an expiration.

use code: SHOP20 for 20% off

or code: FREESHIP

10lbs PURE WHEY ISOLATE - $70-$72 w/ shipping - after 20% off

whey protein isolate... similar to isopure's ingredients

Bio active for muscle fitness and best muscle gains:
Don not settle for less than your best sports performance. Our isolate is the #1 most advanced sports nutrition fuel because it has been filtered twice through THE most technically advanced, cold processed, ultra/micro-filtration system. Our un-denatured whey is highly bio- active, so you get ALL the protein benefit without chemicals or salt. We manufacture it, so we know what we are sending: only the purest, natural ingredients will do. It is the freshest, best tasting whey protein you can buy. It is produced, quickly, packaged and shipped out to you. So get pumped! It is power in a jar we are filling especially for you!

Quick Facts:
* 25 g protein
* 28.4 g serving size
* zero ion exchange
* zero fat
* less than 1g lactose
* superior amino acid profile and BCAAs
* highest PER (protein efficiency ratio)
* highest NPU (net protein utilization)
* easily digested
* more protein by gram than any other
* supports muscle repair and recovery
* 16 servings per pound
* no trans fats
* gluten free
* safe for lactose intolerants
Looks like a decent deal even without the 20% off. Let us know what you think of it if you do try it. I have a lot of protein sitting here already, but next time I order I may check it out.
I bought a 5lb. bag of their chocolate whey protein last year. It was decent. I found it to be VERY sweet and it didn't combine with milk very well. I prefer ON but AllThe Whey isn't a bad alternative.
How does it compare to true protein, do you know? That's all I've used for about a year.
you can get 10pounds of whey from vitacost for 68 shipped after their aetna8 or 08 coupon, I forget, you can google it. They have dymatize and Universal, Optimum Nutrition. it was 68 for the Universal and Dymatize
True protein is MUCh better quality IMO.
So you have tried both Vedic? I'm not dissatisfied with true protein or anything, actually quite happy with them. But if there's a better deal I'm always gonna be interested.
I have tried both. Granted I have been supplementing for about 10 years now. ATW was the first big protein company I used. But to me I can tell the difference in whey concentrate, isolate, the whole gamma when I switched. I haven't gone back since.

Granted they are bodybuilding boards, but if you look at the really popular ones, ATW has had quite a few quality control issues over the years.
ALLTHEWHEY have a long history of letting their customers down - search around and you will find plenty of evidence of this from reputable sources.
Thanks for the info. I'll stick with true protein then.